County finance committee does budget review

County finance committee does budget review

During the May 4 meeting of the Macoupin County Board’s Finance Committee, members conducted a eight-month budget review for the current fiscal year.

Although the county has spent 64 percent of its total budget expenditure (as opposed to the 66 percent projection for this time of year), it was noted that, while there several line items that are under budget, other areas are significantly over budget.

In a discussion with county department heads, it was noted that the Sheriff’s Department will be approximately $30,000 over budget.

Treasurer Anne Boehm said she believed that tax assessment and collection may need additional funds, but would know for sure in the next few weeks.

Looking at general fund revenue, it was noted 63 percent had been collected and that that sales and income tax are above where they were at this point last year. There was also an increase in fines and fees.

According to County Clerk, West Central Development has recently submitted their invoice for 2017 dues, which showed no increase from last year. A motion was approved to recommend payment.

Duncan presented committee members with employee accumulated time off reports. It was noted there are employees of the Sheriff’s office who are paid for all the sick time they accumulate and that can lead to large payouts. According to Duncan, once new financial software is in use, all employees’ time will be tracked in the system and will report what the county’s liability would be if those employees retired.

Duncan reported the county’s internet service has been switched to New Wave and there have been no issues with the service since the switch took place last month. It was recommended that consideration begiven to re-network the courthouse since, currently, several office are wired through a single office. If something should go wrong in that office, most of the courthouse would go without internet service, which would affect most servers.

According to Duncan, IlliniTech would begin the initial phase by installing three switches on each floor of the courthouse. The next phase would be to rewire each office, providing them with a separate network for their individual areas. This way, if there’s a problem, only that area would be affected.

Duncan recommended the committee consider the update and explore how to implement the project and what the budget might be.

The committee agreed the project would be something to explore this summer.