County executive committee sets board agenda

County executive committee sets board agenda

CARLINVILLE (March 8, 2018) – The Macoupin County Executive Committee Tuesday evening finalized the agenda for the March 13 full county board meeting at the county board room.

After approval of the minutes and committee reports, the special guest on the agenda is Kent Tarro of the Public Health Department.

Two appointments include the re-appointment of Gary Marsaglia to the Virden Fire Protection District for a three-year term ending April 30, 2021; and the re-appointment of William Knop to the Staunton Fire Protection District for a three-year term ending April 30, 2021.

The board will then meet in executive session to discuss the animal control administrator contract and the hiring of a new employee for the animal control department.

Resolutions include one regarding the salary of non-union employees, elected officials and county board members and non-union employee health insurance contributions.

Another pertains to the permanent transfer of chief probation officer reimbursement. The final resolution is amending the general fund insurance and permanent transfers appropriations.

A couple of ordinances are on the agenda, one establishing a county gambling machine license; the other approving application of section 5311 of the Rural Downstate Operating Assistance.

Under unfinished business is discussion about the fiscal year 2017-18 mid-year budget review.

New business includes the animal control administrator contract; hiring of an additional employee for animal control department; the E-911 Dispatching agreement renewal; a review of the policy of time off and time keeping for appointed employees.

Other new business includes a policy regarding grant reporting and expenditures; approving the Special Service Area #1 (Mt. Olive Ambulance) 2017 financial report and a reminder that the next regular board meeting is set for Wednesday, April 11.

Raffle Act ordinance

County Clerk Pete Duncan suggested to the executive committee of having the State’s Attorney overlook the county’s raffles act, which was enacted in 1995.

There have been two applications received for Queen of Hearts raffles, but Duncan said both of those are at privately-owned establishments. Raffles must be conducted at public facilities within the county.

Duncan wants the State’s Attorney to review the act and perhaps make some changes, including increasing the retail value of prizes. Currently, the ordinance says that no prize or merchandise awarded by a raffle license shall not exceed over $100,000.

Raffle fees currently cost $5. After being reviewed by the State’s Attorney, the item will be brought back to the county board for further discussion.