County board hires new animal control director

County board hires new animal control director

CARLINVILLE (May 10, 2018) – Andrew Woesthaus has been hired as the new Animal Control Department Director for Macoupin County, announced at the Tuesday night full county board meeting.

He replaces Buzie Bertagnolli.

The three-year contract calls for an annual salary of $40,000 per year from May 16, 2018 to May 15, 2019; $41,000 from May 16, 2019 to May 15, 2020 and $42,000 from May 16, 2020 to May 15, 2021.

He started last Tuesday, May 8 as Bertagnolli’s last day was Monday, May 7. He will earn $18/hour before  his official starting date salary takes effect on May 16.

Pete Duncan, county clerk, updated the board on a change in what the office can charge for paper copies under the new Predictable Recording Fee Schedule which will be updated as of Jan. 1, 2019. .

Only five documents class flat fee classifications, including deeds, leases, mortgages, easements and miscellaneous.

Under this predictable fee schedule, no charge shall be based on page count, number, length or type of legal descriptions, number of tax identification or other parcel identifying code numbers, number of common addresses, number of references contained as to other recorded documents or document numbers, according to a handout by Duncan.

The state statue, if wanted to start on the fiscal year, must be adopted 60 days beforehand.

Discussion will take place at the General Administrative Committee meeting June 6 and then adopted at the June 12 regular county board meeting.

“This is something we don’t want to do but we have to do,” Duncan said. “Hopefully it will not have a dramatic effect on revenues.”

Among other business, the county board:

Appointed Jess McKee to the Macoupin County Emergency Telephone System Board after the resignation of Mike Kostich from the board.

Kostich resigned due to retiring from the county’s sheriff’s office. McKee will fulfill the remainder of the term, set to expire in February, 2019.

Under petitions, the board approved Gillespie #19, in which a bridge needs repaired over a branch of Dry Fork Creek. Total cost is $7500, of which the county will pay half.

A resolution was approved regarding parity of salaries of non-union employees, elected officials, county board members and non-union employee insurance contributions.

As of Dec. 1, 2018 or the start of the next term of office, the sheriff, county clerk, circuit clerk, treasurer and coroner shall receive a three percent increase each year for the next four years.

The total increase for all five positions is $11,781.21.

A resolution was passed authorizing application for a Public Transportation Capital Assistance Grant under the Illinois Department of Transportation.

This would allow the Public Transportation department to receive six 14-passenger vans and three seven-passenger vans for the transportation program.

Last year, 72,000 trips were taken, with a goal of 95,000 this year.

A resolution amending the contractual services general fund appropriation was authorized, adding $5,000 to the original appropriation, bringing the balance to $20,000. A resolution approving the results of the 2018 MFT oil and patch letting was accepted by the board.

Seven proposals were requested and seven bids received for township oil; two proposals requested and two bids received for county oil; five proposals and four bids received for county patch. The low bidder will be awarded the contract for each.

A resolution was approved that increased the minimum bid at Surplus Property Auction from $600 to $750.

An ordinance was established for businesses wishing to establish a county coin-operated amusement device license.

Each applicant must pay a license fee of $25 for each machine to the county clerk prior to July 1 each year before granted a license.

The eight-month budget review was discussed by the board. Currently 68.96 percent of expenses have been spent for the current fiscal year. Around 73.45 percent of total revenues have been received by the county.

Dues for the West Central Development Council of $9,537.40 were approved by the board.

The county board approved the annual agreement with the University of Illinois Extension Office, which includes the county issuing an $80,000 contribution to the extension office in one annual payment. This amount has been the same for many years.

Amanda Cole with the U of I Extension Office said the office is now fully staffed with the addition of Sarah Boente. There are over 200 4-Her’s in the county program.

Predictable recording fee hearing schedule was discussed by the board, with a public hearing set.

Under communications, a letter from Ameren regarding upgrades to electric and natural gas meters in the area was discussed.

Customers will receive notification explaining upcoming meter upgrades. They will not have to take any action and will be notified before meter upgrades begin in the area. The upgrades take about 10-15 minutes, causing a brief interruption in customer’s electric service but no service interruption for the natural gas meter upgrades. Customers do not have to be present as long as installers have clear and safe access to the meters.

The board also received a letter from the Illinois State Board of Education asking to become a sponsor for the Summer Food Service Program through the USDA.

 Andrew Woesthaus is the new Animal Control Department Director for Macoupin County.