County board approves tentative budget for 2017-18

County board approves tentative budget for 2017-18

7 13 17

By Eric Becker

The Macoupin County Board at its monthly meeting Tuesday approved a tentative general fund and special funds appropriations for fiscal year 2017-18.

The special funds appropriations budget is for a full year.

However, because of the uncertainty in how much money the county will receive from the state with the increase income tax, the board voted to approve a three-month tentative budget for the general fund.

Sales tax and income tax from the state are two of the biggest sources of income for the general fund. There might be a slight decrease in sales tax, while the income tax is anyone’s guess at this point, according to county clerk Pete Duncan.

Dave Thomas, chair of the finance committee for the county, says department heads should begin finding ways to cut their respective budgets should it get to that point. Waiting until the last minute would not be wise either, rather to start thinking about cuts right now.

“They need to think about what they need to do if it requires further decreases,” Thomas said.

The board will use the current appropriations for the first three months of the fiscal year.

Phone/Internet upgrade

The board passed a motion to seek estimates on what it would cost to re-network the courthouse and upgrade the phone system at the courthouse.

The first phase completed had Duncan and Lee Ross, Macoupin County Circuit Clerk paying for reworking hubs throughout the courthouse on each floor, not just in one centralized location.

Phase two would include re-networking any office in the courthouse that wants to have their own network, which has not been signed off.

Phase three would include moving the courthouse phone system onto the same system as the sheriff department.

Public comment

Kent Tarro of the Public Health Department said while the public transportation department is doing well, they are seeking more drivers.

Especially needed are drivers in the Carlinville and north areas of the county. Anyone interested should contact the public health department.


The board appointed Gary Gatton and Rick Macguire to the Virden Cemetery Board for a six-year term, expiring Dec. 31, 2022.


The board approved a resolution amending the arrestee medical cost fund from $60,000 to $25,000. The appropriation for the arrestee medical cost fund is currently not sufficient enough to allow for that transfer, so it was amended to the general fund at $25,000.

A resolution was approved to transfer $4,917 from the county farm fund to the general fund for completion of tiling work at the Macoupin County Fairgrounds.

A resolution approving an appropriation from $77,000 to $85,000 in the general fund to finish off the fiscal year.  To balance, the county administration fund was decreased by $8,000.

A resolution approving an appropriation from $86,820 to $101,820 in the general fund, to reflect an upgrade in sufficient funds for the coroner. To balance, the county administration budget was decreased by $15,000.

A resolution approving the appropriation for the sheriff’s fund in the general fund to increase from $1,909,000 to $1,939,000.17 to finish off the fiscal year.

A resolution approving the Emergency Management Agency’s general fund appropriation from $53,176 to $54,676 due to new tires for the EMA’s vehicle. The county administrative budget was decreased by $1,500 to balance out the funds.

Budget review

The 10-month budget review had the general fund at $240,704.20. They have spent 80 percent of the budgeted money through the 2016-17 budget.

Revenues brought in by the county through 10 months is at $5,775,328.89, or 76 percent of the budgeted revenues for this fiscal year.


Under communications, a permit application was submitted to the Illinois EPA to manage waste at Nine Mile Transfer Station in Virden.


It was announced that Jeanette Baker will retire from the county board office effective Aug. 31, 2017.

“We wish her well on her retirement,” said county chairman of the board Mark Dragovich.