County art collective receives funding for mural

County art collective receives funding for mural

The Macoupin Art Collective recently announced it has received funding from the Healing Illinois Grant made possible in partnership with “The Chicago Community Foundation.”

This opportunity will enhance Staunton through public art that exemplifies the interconnectedness of the community, while creating conversation about inclusivity through a large outdoor mural located at 115 East Main Street.

The MAC expressed thanks to the Illinois Department of Human Services, The Chicago Community Foundation, local Staunton Businesses, the city, and Chamber of Commerce for continued support and investment in creating an inclusive community infused with art and inspiration.

“We hope to deepen relationships between artists, art educators, and the citizens that will see the mural everyday by providing the opportunity to start conversations about representation in art,” said Marcella Cloud, Development Coordinator for the Macoupin Art Collective.

The MAC is grateful for this opportunity to brighten the town of Staunton, Cloud said.

The MAC hopes to help local art educators create their own murals through partnerships with the Regional Office of Education and a mural artist.

The project is seeking additional funding to enhance the virtual experience for local educators and community members to build upon the process of creating lasting changes to our everyday lives in Macoupin County.

The project will begin in December and will be completed before February.

For more information, or ways to support. visit, or email the office at

A large outdoor mural is planned for 115 East Main Street in Staunton. Funding for the mural was provided for the Macoupin Art Collective by “The Chicago Community Foundation.” Photo contributed.