Council hires full-time police officer

Council hires full-time police officer

The Carlinville City Council approved the hiring of a full-time police officer at their Oct. 6 meeting. The city hired Tyson Probst, who had previously worked for the city part-time. Probst introduced himself to the council and said he’s lived in Carlinville his entire life. He is a Carlinville High School graduate and attended the University of Illinois in Springfield. Previously, he worked with the police department in Girard. Probst started as a full-time officer Oct. 10.

Committee members named

Demuzio named aldermen Jan Best, Dick Mottershaw, George Cerar, and Tim Coonrod to a newly formed water study commission. Mottershaw was selected as chairman Oct. 6. The council voted in favor of spending $15,000 for MECO Engineering for the next phase of the study.

Other items

Mike Kelly, superintendent for the Carlinville school district, spoke to the council regarding the county schools facilities tax, which is on the ballot for the November general election.

Bob Caveny, the city’s watershed coordinator, provided a forestry update for stand 3.

Public comment

During the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Paul Frelander of North Charles Street reported illegal activities taking place at Tom Thumb Park. “There seems to be an ongoing issue with drugs,” he said.

Demuzio said the two aldermen from Ward, Joe Direso and Sarah Oswald, would follow up with the Police Chief.

Treasurer Jody Reichmann reported she enjoyed her time at the Illinois Municipal League conference earlier this fall. Also attending on the city’s behalf was city clerk Carla Brockmeier, Mayor Deanna Demuzio and alderman Doug Downey.

Next council meeting

The next Carlinville City Council meeting is set for Monday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. at city hall.

By Daniel Winningham