Consolidated election candidates finalized

Consolidated election candidates finalized


Enquirer-Democrat Reporter

Now that the deadline has passed for municipalities to certify their candidate lists with Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan, the following is a list of races that will be on the ballot for the April 2 Consolidated Election.

Unless otherwise specified, voters will choose one candidate for each race. School board and library races include some outside of Macoupin County because those districts encompass parts of the county.

Municipal, contested

Benld: Peyton M. Bernot and Dustin Fletcher, Ward 3.

Bunker Hill: Oscar Jack Hurst, Jerad Burch and Kerri Brown, Ward 1; and William J. Manar, Glenn Bruckert, Grover K. Webb and Dwayne J. Trover, Ward 2 (vote for two).

Gillespie: Dona Rauzi and Robert F. Fritz Jr., Ward 1; and Rick Fulton and Janice Weidner, Ward 2.

Mt. Clare: Karen S. Fellin, Roger Fritz and write-in candidates Jaime Ruckman and Darrel Ruckman (vote for three).

Nilwood: Kelsey Rutherford and write-in candidate Jennifer Caudle, village clerk (two-year unexpired term).

Shipman: Jack T. Cameron, Garrett Sebastian, Kyle Christopher and Joshua Corby, trustee (vote for three).

Standard City: Josh Daugherty, Elizabeth Daugherty, Thomas W. Mitchell Jr., DiLynn Stewart, Patrick Janssen, Robert L. Douglas and Myron Craig Reed, trustee (vote for three).

Staunton: Rich Garde and Brooke Wallace, Ward 1; Ray Scroggins and Randy Hanks, Ward 2; and John P. “Jack” Kolkovich, Michael J. LaRosa and Chad A. Plenske, Ward 3.

Wilsonville: Jeff “Porky” Rhodes and Harold Besserman Jr., president (two-year unexpired term); and Gerald Reid and Stanley Katich, trustee.

Municipal, uncontested

Benld: Brian Frensko, Ward 1; and James Tilashalski, Ward 2.

Brighton: John Bramley, Jamie Lake-Boyd and write-in candidate William Oertel, trustee (vote for three); and Aaron Mead (two-year unexpired term).

Bunker Hill: Catherine L. Behrens, treasurer (two-year unexpired term).

Carlinville: Todd Koller, Ward 1; William R. Link, Ward 2; C. Richard McClain, Ward 3; and Terry R. Ober, Ward 4.

Chesterfield: Mike Elliott and Brandon Callarman, trustee (vote for three).

Dorchester: Roger Price and Susie Campbell, trustee (vote for two).

Eagarville: Gaylon McAllister, president (two-year unexpired term); April Balestri, village clerk (two-year unexpired term); Gailon Balestri, Kay Houser and Carole Scheller, trustee (vote for three); and Terrell Knowles, trustee (two-year unexpired term).

East Gillespie: Sheldon Weinberg and Jebadiah Thackrey, trustee (vote for three).

Gillespie: Wendy Elaine Rolando, Ward 4.

Girard: Taylor J. Edwards, Ward 1; Joseph H. Marko, Ward 2; Lucas C. Conkling, Ward 2 (two-year unexpired term); and Sara L. Fugate, Ward 3.

Hettick: Mary Bloomfield and Reggie Hamilton, trustee (vote for three).

Lake KaHo: Mark Davis and Jean Inman, trustee (vote for three).

Medora: Rachel Woods and Earl Bailey, trustee (vote for three).

Modesto: Kate Hart, Jerry Patterson and John Dambacher, trustee (vote for three).

Mt. Olive: John W. Goldacker, Ward 1; Leah Goldacker, Ward 2; Steve Remer, Ward 3; and Chuck Cox, Ward 4.

Nilwood: Sandra Gatermann, president (two-year unexpired term); Tammy Wilson, treasurer (two-year unexpired term); Judith E. Behme and John R. Gudgel II, trustee (vote for two); and John Caudle and Judith A. Bivin, trustee (two-year unexpired term, vote for two).

Palmyra: Patty Burk, Rob Hohimer and Justin Lee Releford, trustee (vote for three).

Royal Lakes: Lena Stockard, village clerk (two-year unexpired term); Karl Jefferson Sr., Glenda A. Eirvon and write-in candidate Kristin Ragland, trustee (vote for three); and Hernando Walker and Atlean Wilkerson, trustee (two-year unexpired term, vote for two).

Sawyerville: Brian N. Cox, Brian Mills and Robert Reiman, trustee (vote for three).

Scottville: Jerilyn J. Close and Samantha M. Hammond, trustee (vote for three).

Staunton: Anthony Schrauth, Ward 3 (two-year unexpired term); and Ryan Pritchett, Ward 4.

Virden: David Reischauer, Ward 1; Mark Bertolino, Ward 2; William R. Sharp, Ward 3; James Glass, Ward 3 (two-year unexpired term); and Betty Maguire, Ward 4.

White City: Brenda L. Subick, trustee (two-year unexpired term); and Michael Scott VanLoo and Shon A. Calvert, trustee (vote for three).

Wilsonville: David Day, Dustin Calcari and William Molinar, trustee (Vote for three).

School board, contested

Franklin: Paul J. Turpin, Paul J. Bergschneider, Ryan Colwell, Charles Gordon Crow, Kevin Dale Roodhouse and Jennifer Colwell (vote for four).

Gillespie: Mark Hayes, Weye Schmidt, Jennifer L. Alepra, Becky Hatlee and Jerry L. Yeager Jr. (vote for four).

Lewis and Clark Community College: George C. Terry, Pete Basola, Marlene Barach, Charles Hanfelder, Kevin Rust and Julie Johnson (vote for three).

Litchfield: Julie Abel and Sara Zumwalt (two-year unexpired term); and Meg Wertin, Dennis Scobbie, Jim Odle Sr., Mark E. Bloome, Michael F. Fleming, Jennifer Reid, David Belusko, Matt Belusko and Valerie Cain (vote for four).

Panhandle: Shane M. Gilpin and Gabe J. Pope (two-year unexpired term); and Linda J. Brown, Dana Pitchford, Darrin Daugherty, Teresa M. Payne and Brett Slightom (vote for four).

Waverly: Mike Keeton, Nick Nelson, Jason L. Shumaker, Gail Turner, James E. Brown, Lonn J. Brown, Steven L. Ruholl, Eric D. Copelin and Ted Miles (vote for seven).

School board, uncontested

Bunker Hill: Roger Owen, Julie B. Fulton, Jameson Ramirez and David L. Monetti (vote for four).

Carlinville: Sam Harding, Bobbi J. Bates, Martha Armour and Dale R. Reels (vote for four).

Greenville: Chris Weller, Josh Roberts, Elliott L. Turpin and Rodney A. Knittel (vote for four).

Mt. Olive: Steven Remer, David C. Brunnworth, John M. Skertich and Carol Sue Rimar (vote for four).

North Mac: Michael Andrew Christopher, District 2; Robyn S. Hays, District 3; and David Spann, District 6.

Northwestern: Linda Eades, John Murphy, Daniel Drumeller and write-in candidate Rebbecca “Becky” Camerer (vote for four); and Lisa Meisenheimer (two-year unexpired term).

Southwestern: Randy Gallaher, Jason L. Oertel, Jacob Reno and Dara Simmons (vote for four).

Staunton: Derrick Taylor, Scott Skertich and Stefanie Legendre (vote for four).

Library trustees

Brighton Memorial Library: Elizabeth Harper and Linda Cox (vote for two); Jacinda Dunlap and Christopher Dunlap (four-year unexpired term, vote for two); and Jessica Arnold (two-year unexpired term).

Bunker Hill Library: Deborah Allen and Greg L. Miller (vote for two); James C. Speitel (four-year unexpired term); and Ashley H. Bertels-Wilcox (two-year unexpired term).