Committees encouraged to finalize budgets

Committees encouraged to finalize budgets

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During the March 6 meeting of the Carlinville City Council, Budget Director Claudia Leonatti expressed her desire that city committees complete and submit their budgets during next week’s meetings so that the new budget can go before the full council for approval during the April 3 meeting.

“I hope we can do that at committee week next week, because if we want to pass it in April, which is the plan, it has to be put in the software so it can be in the format for public viewing and that takes a certain amount of time for notification and available for inspection for 10 days,” explained Leonatti, who also pointed out that if there needs to be a special budget meeting, it needs to be done in March if the budget is to be passed in April.

Mayor Deanna Demuzio reported her belief that most of the committees are close to finalizing their budgets.

Public Works Director Tim Hasara told the council of some significant sidewalk damage on the south side of East First South Street, directly across from Boente Shell. He explained that eastbound tractor trailers making left turns into the gas station often drive up onto the sidewalk, damaging the sidewalk and making it dangerous for pedestrians. He explained the new sidewalk will be thicker and graded so the trucks won’t have to drive over the curb in order to make the turn. Hasara told the council the cost of the work will be $1,875 and there is money in the infrastructure budget to pay for the repair.

Since the sidewalk issue wasn’t on the agenda for a vote, Councilman Joe Direso explained the matter will be on the agenda for the upcoming Public Works Committee meeting. Since no one on the council had an objection, the work will be considered an emergency repair.

In other business, following an approved motion to open the bids for the city’s trash service, it was noted that only two bids were received.

The first bid came from Community Sanitation of Medora with a bid of $360 for monthly service. The second bid was from Flowers Sanitation, which came in at $300 per month. The bids will go to the finance committee so bid requirements can be reviewed and a recommendation can be made.

Following a directive made at the previous meeting, attorney Rick Bertinetti presented the council with an ordinance to set the lake manager’s salary at $23,000 per year and change the lake co-host’s wage to $12 per hour. The board approved a motion to suspend the rules and approved the ordinance after the first reading.

Following a recommendation from the Zoning Commission, the board directed Bertinetti to draw up an ordinance to re-zone Lots 10, 11 and 12 in Block 1 of the Fishback Addition to the city of Carlinville, at 406-428 North Plum Street, from S-2 single family residential to C-1 neighborhood commercial.

The re-zoning request was made by Baron Stayton, who plans to purchase the property and construct a 40’x60’ pole barn or metal building in which equipment will be stored. Stayton explained that all necessary setbacks and other building requirements will be met. According to Zoning Administrator Steve Parr, the commission found the request to be in compliance with the city’s building code and voted 4-0 to recommend the request for approval.

Bertinetti said the ordinance will be drawn up and go before the board for a first reading at the next meeting, which is scheduled for March 20.

In the city’s correspondence, Kay Lott’s resignation from the Zoning Commission and part-time police officer Andrew Silva’s resignation were placed on file. Demuzio noted that she will make an appointment to fill Lott’s seat on the Zoning Commission at the next meeting.