Committee approves raise for Chief Haley

Committee approves raise for Chief Haley

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Carlinville’s Public Safety Committee agreed Wednesday, May 10, to recommend that the full council approve a $4,000 cost of living raise for Police Chief Dave Haley, to bring him more in line with other police chiefs in the area. In addition, the motion included a recommendation that Haley receive a cost of living raise each year, with the amount of the raise to be determined by the city’s budget.

It was noted that Haley has not received a raise since the beginning of Mayor Deanna Demuzio’s first term. At that time, he was given two four-percent raises in an attempt to catch up after not receiving raises in the previous four years. The officers, however, receive regular raises; with overtime, there are five or six officers who make more than Haley’s current salary.

Currently, Haley has the lowest salary ($56,000) of several nearby police chiefs of comparably sized communities — Gillespie is $57,000; Staunton, $61,000; and Litchfield, $63,000. The $4,000 raise would bring his salary to $60,000 — effectively, a 2.27 percent increase per year for each year he did not receive a raise.

Haley did not ask for a specific amount; the amount was chosen by the committee members. He has budgeted $63,000 for his salary for the last couple years, even though he has not been earning that amount.

“I think we live in a much more dangerous society, and I think we need a chief that can run things the way they need to be ran,” said Elaine Brockmeier. “Dave has the experience, and I don’t think we want to lose him.”

“I just wish that we could get him on a regular schedule like everybody else is, instead of always catching him up,” said Sarah Oswald. “It looks like he’s getting these huge raises, but he’s not.” Both the $4,000 raise and the establishment of an annual cost of living raise were referred to the full council.

Other discussion

Haley suggested replacing three squad cars — two 2008 Crown Victorias and one 2005 Durango — with two Chargers and another Durango, all 2018 models. He said each of the vehicles have about 86,000 to 88,000 miles on them, and Joe Direso noted that amount could effectively be tripled in terms of their effect on the vehicles, because of the amount of time the vehicles spend idling and the fact that they aren’t highway miles. He said typically the city gets a lease agreement through a local bank with a down payment and he tries to makes as many quarterly payments as he can to get the vehicles paid off in 2.5 years.

The total cost for the three new vehicles would be $74,211, with a 10 percent down payment, making quarterly payments $4,389.01 each. Haley said he intends to make six quarterly payments this fiscal year, for a total amount (including the down payment) of $33,755.16 out of a total equipment budget of $39,892. The Durango is still worth about $3,000, so it may be traded in or sold outright, with those funds being used to help offset the cost. The Crown Victorias are worth about $750-$1,000, but one may be kept as a pool vehicle for city employees. The matter was referred to the full council for approval.

Haley also recommended getting a barcode system for processing and tracking evidence, at a cost of $615.92. He noted the system would be faster and more efficient. The matter was recommended to the full council for approval.

There was some question about who would be responsible for two bills for the kitchen remodel at the firehouse. Direso said he believes the fire district will pay for it, while Demuzio said most of the work was done by the firemen with supplies they already had, but she would check into it to be sure and report back.

JoRita Harms addressed the committee regarding an issue with a neighbor’s dog running loose; Haley said he would look into it.

Haley recommended hiring a part-time officer from Girard to replace one from Virden who was hired last year but never started due to a change at his full-time job. Haley noted the new officer will be able to use the same uniform that had been ordered for the previous officer.

Regarding an abandoned house in the 400 block of East Second South street, Haley said he would contact City Attorney Rick Bertinetti about the city’s options for proceeding.