Committee approves $119,000 air conditioner bid

Committee approves $119,000 air conditioner bid

COUNTY (Oct. 4, 2018) – Macoupin County Board’s Building and Grounds Committee reviewed three bids they received for the replacement of the air conditioner at the jail, which was damaged when Ameren replaced utility lines in Carlinville.

The three bids all came in substantially below the anticipated $200,000 cost, with Henson Robinson of Springfield the lowest at $119,000, followed by Area Heating and Air Conditioning of Carlinville at $146,398 and Airmasters of Springfield at $160,742. Both Henson Robinson and Area Heating and Air Conditioning expected to have the project completed within 120 days of when the contract is signed, while Airmasters anticipated needing 90 days; all should be able to start right away.

The new condensing unit will be moved to the front of the jail instead of the back, to reduce the distance the water has to travel, thereby reducing strain on the system and making it more efficient.

Architect Matt Loyet noted that the county will likely need to replace the steel chilled water piping in the building in the future, as it is approximately 30 years old. “Down the road, we’re going to have to keep an eye on the chilled water piping, because it’s not in very good shape,” he said. The bid includes a contingency of $5,000 in case any issues come up during the installation process, such as needing to replace some of the pipe.

Sheriff Shawn Kahl said some of the work, including laying a concrete pad for the new unit, installing a fence around it, and demolition of the old unit, will be done in-house to save some money.

The committee recommended that the full board accept the bid from Henson Robinson.