Cold snap not a great way to start 2018

Cold snap not a great way to start

By Eric Becker

The Write Team

CARLINVILLE (Jan. 4, 2018) – I returned home from the basketball tournaments Friday night to find out nearly my entire family had left to visit friends on the shores of Ohio’s Lake Erie on a whim.

My niece was still there, as were the two dogs. Laugh out loud.  Apparently, it was much warmer in Ohio (12 degrees) than where I was on Sunday (four degrees).

While I had three days of uninterrupted quiet, it certainly was not the type of weather where I could get out and enjoy doing anything outside. On the bright side, I was able to do some much-needed cleaning of all the clutter in our house.

Not that I do much outside in late December anyways. For years and years, I have struggled with cold weather. This latest stretch has been downright brutal.

I nearly froze simply taking our Christmas tree out the back door to the garage, a mere 10 feet away.

Normally, I would not have to put a coat on, or gloves, a hood and proper footwear to take the recycling bins out to the curb for pickup. But I did just that on Monday night.

While I understand people preferring cold weather over the hot muggy summers around here, I am not one of those persons.

Perhaps my disdain for the cold weather goes back to my first year out of college on my own, working in the small town of Albion.

It was there that we had an abnormally horrible winter of 1995-96. In fact a late snowstorm left spring sports to delay opening the season by a couple of weeks.

My small car was buried under snow at one point to the fact that I just simply walked home for a couple of days. I recall one Wednesday early morning at 2 or 3 a.m. just walking down the middle of Main Street after finishing up the newspaper. No traffic to worry about, just me, myself and I. It was a peaceful walk and haven’t done anything like that since then.

According to WICS-TV 20 chief meteorologist Cheryl Lemke, Springfield tied the coldest New Year’s Day low temperature as it was -13 degrees for a low on Monday morning. It tied the record set in 1974, of which I was just two and a half months old.

Hopefully, this cold snap is just one of those phenomenons that come and go. I look forward to 40 degree weather once again, even though, for me, 40 degrees is still very cold.

So for my first New Year’s, it was -13 degrees. Makes sense now that I dislike the cold weather.

But from what I hear, Sunday could reach 40 degrees in some spots. We’ll all be singing Irving Berlin’s “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heatwave.”

Hopefully you all out there reading this will have a great 2018. The year 2017 was not the greatest, nor the worst of years. Hopefully this new year finds happiness for you and yours!