CMS unveils new, more secure office

CMS unveils new, more secure office

Last week, Carlinville Middle School staff unveiled the building’s new office, located in what used to be a classroom near the gymnasium.

The old office was tucked away inside a hallway, with no direct view outside. The new one is located directly adjacent to the entry doors near the gymnasium, with a wall of windows so that staff can see outside and be more aware of any potential threats. “We wanted them to be able to see people coming in, because where they were situated, they could never see anything,” said CUSD 1 Superintendent Dr. Becky Schuchman. “That way if there’s a threat, they can see it before it even enters the building at all.”

Now, instead of buzzing in and walking through two sets of doorways and into the hallway, visitors go inside the first set of doors and take an immediate right, which brings them to a waiting room outside the office. “Most people won’t even need to go in, if they’re dropping off something for their child or picking something up,” because of an access window into the office from the waiting room, said Schuchman. The remodeled space also includes an extra room that is currently being used as a conference room. A new sign was also installed just outside the entrance, complete with lights.

Construction included asbestos abatement for the flooring, adding new interior walls (some are drywall and others have Kevlar sheeting), painting and cutting through a thick brick and block wall to add a door. Work began in July and was just recently completed.

The electrical work was done by teacher Chad Easterday’s electricity class; students also did some of the drywall work. The rest of the work was done by the district’s maintenance crew, led by Building and Grounds Director Jon Klaus.

A final price for the project has not yet been calculated, but the new office is being paid for with proceeds from the County School Facilities Tax, which also paid for security improvements to the high school entrance. The funds will next be used to update door sensors and camera security systems.

Pictured, from left, are Superintendent Dr. Becky Schuchman, Chief David Haley, Clay Crowe, Officer Brandon Reiher, Tucker Hughes, Andrew DeNeve, Jon Klaus, Jordan Bressler, Blaze Ballowe, Alex Dawson, Lane Stinnett, Tommy Joiner, Josh Welsh, Dylan Cunningham, Matthew Reynolds, JD Byots, Brett Quarton, Chad Easterday and Principal Roy Kulenkamp.