City public safety meeting takes place

City public safety meeting takes place

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Crime scene supplies at a discounted price were approved by the Carlinville public safety committee at its monthly meeting Wednesday.

Carlinville Police Chief Dave Haley reported that the supplies worth $3522 in retail was being offered for $810.

“We have to buy this at some point,” Haley said. “This will take care of us for several years.”

Motion was approved.

Haley also reported that one of his commissioners needs to attend  a one-day conference in Decatur on May 6, and will cost around $850.

A motion was approved for the conference, which will not include any overnight stays.

The Carlinville High School/Middle School complex held an active shooter scenario on Wednesday afternoon, with no students on the property at the time, Haley said.

The teachers did a very good job of reacting to the situation, Haley said. The exercise used around 250 rounds of blank ammunition during the exercise, Haley said, and said communication was better.

The police department rotates these types of scenarios with the different school buildings in Carlinville every year.

“It’s a shame we have to worry about such things,” said committee member Joe Direso.

Brian Mitchell of the Carlinville Fire Department reported that the kitchen at the fire house is being remodeled.