City approves $2.5 million engineering contract

City approves $2.5 million engineering contract

Alternate water source

may be needed

By Chris Best

Enquirer-Democrat Writer

In a seven-to-one decision at Monday night’s Council meeting, the Carlinville City Council passed an ordinance entering into an engineering agreement with MECO-Heneghan Engineers, LLC with an estimated total cost to the city of $2.5 million. This engineering will pave the way for a connection to Jersey County Rural Water lines and, potentially, a connection with the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Company (IARWC).

The pipeline is part of an effort by the city to move off of Carlinville Lakes one and two in favor of a more viable water source. According to Public Works Manager Dan Held, the viable water from the Carlinville Lakes is dwindling, and it may become necessary to draw from an alternative sources before the IARWC project has completed.

Alderman Doug Downey cast the opposing vote against entering into the engineering contract because in IARWC’s original pitch to the city, they indicated that they would be responsible for reaching Carlinville water lines at a connection south of town near Rinaker Road. However, due to the assessed urgency of the water situation and the uncertain timeline of the IARWC project, this may no longer be the case. The responsibility instead lies with the city to front the costs associated with a connection to Jersey County Rural Water lines. The hope is that the USDA will eventually reimburse this expense; however, there is no guarantee that the money will be awarded.

Carlinville’s representative to the IARWC board Cindy Campbell stressed that the pipeline project, which she referred to as the “Carlinville Connection Project,” was separate from the IARWC’s project.

“Yes, this engineering could go back into what Alluvial is doing, but this is a separate project right now,” Campbell said. “You can’t just submit it right now to USDA and get refunded for it. You have to know, the hope is that’s how it will go, but this is a separate thing.”

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