CHS Musical returns, available for streaming

CHS Musical returns, available for streaming

Cast members rehearse “Just Around The Corner,” a dance selection from the musical’s second act. Enquirer~Democrat photo by Tori Hartson.


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

The 40-year tradition of the CHS All-School Musical was put to a sudden halt last year due to COVID-19. Just one week away from show night, “The Addams Family” had to be cancelled in March 2020.

Over a year later in April 2021, director Michael Morrison was able to revive the show using previous cast members along with various new performers. For the past several weeks, the high schoolers have been hard at work to recreate the world of “The Addams Family” on the CHS stage.

With the pandemic still affecting the world today, a few changes had to be made to ensure the safety of the performers.

“The main difference is the presentation of the show,” said Morrison. “The tradition of the Carlinville musical and the dedication of the cast and crew remains exceptional as always. However, instead of the traditional in-person performance, we will be providing the opportunity to view our show via a streaming option. I can’t wait for people from not only our community but anywhere across the country to see all of the hard work our cast and crew have put forth to put on a show that is different from any other in the long history of Carlinville musicals.”

Morrison chose to recreate “The Addams Family” instead of selecting a new show in order to give last year’s cast members a chance to finish what they had started.

“Most of this year’s cast are underclassmen from last year that never got the opportunity to perform,” he explained. “We wanted to give these students the chance to finish what they started. And from a technical standpoint, putting together a show that’s already familiar to most of the cast was our best option given the time frame and circumstances of this year.”

The cast and crew has been hard at work to restore and revive the show, rehearsing most weekday mornings.

“The rehearsals have been going phenomenally,” Morrison remarked. “The kids have been amazing; the retention that they have from over a year ago is so impressive and has been immensely helpful to us. The cast is smaller this year, but the people we do have are extremely hard-working and dedicated to the show. They’ve just been amazing.”

“The Addams Family” will be streamed on Jun. 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased now at