CHS, CWC wrestlers celebrate season

CHS, CWC wrestlers celebrate season

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The Carlinville Wrestling Club and Carlinville High School wrestling team hosted its annual season-end banquet at the Carlinville Elks Lodge Thursday night.

The Carlinville Wrestling Club had 34 wrestlers with matches this year of the 43 on the opening day roster.

The team combined went 243-194 for 2016-17, leading their opponents in all of the major categories, including takedowns, nearfalls, falls, reversals and escapes.

Lifetime record for the 2016-17 wrestlers was 1,354-915.

Coaches David Daugherty and Tim Dixon thanked the kids for their commitment to the program, but to continue to work hard on their techniques.

The program has lost 70 wrestlers over the last 10 years. Of the 131 wrestlers who have come through the CWC, they have a combined record of 2931-2351.

The team gave awards to several wrestlers at the end of the presentation by the coaches.

Most Improved went to Logan Norris.

The Guts Award went to Mason Gilpin. Jake Schwarz was give the T2 Takedown Award, while Chase Michaelis was recognized for 200 career wins.

State qualifiers this year were Schwartz and Luke Daugherty.

Now It’s Real Award recipients included Joe Alepra, Evan Bethard, Michaelis, Levi Perkins, Dustin Roberts and Max Wilson.

High School

Tim Johnson discussed the Cavaliers season which saw the team finish with a 14-16 dual record.

The team started with 20 on the roster and finished with 15 by the end of the season.

Recognized were freshmen Kenny Alepra, Carl Bellm, Isaac Daugherty, Demitry Lewis and Jeffrey Stufflebean; sophomores Keagan Broaddus, Nate Burns, Tristen Burns, Kyle Dixon, Cyler McClain and Brandon Miller; juniors Daniel Card and Rylan Frankford and seniors Jacob Dixon and Tyler Martin, along with statistician Marjorie Lewis.

Martin and J.Dixon were given Grind Awards, with Dixon named MVP for having the most team points for the fourth straight year. J.Dixon was also a member of the 30-win club, 100-win club and first-team all-South Central Conference wrestler at 170 pounds.

For his career, J.Dixon finished 105-17, 38-5 this season, and was a state qualifier his junior season. He was a state alternate this season.

Frankford was named second team all-South Central Conference at 145 pounds.

Kyle Dixon was a member of the 30-win club this season and a second-team all-South Central Conference wrestler at 160 pounds.

T.Burns was a member of the 30-win club, a first-team all-South Central Conference wrestler at 152 pounds and the team’s Most Improved wrestler at CHS.

N.Burns was a member of the 30-win club and a second-team all-South Central Conference wrestler.

K.Dixon finished 31-9 this season; N. Burns was 35-17 and T. Burns 31-21.

 Members of the Carlinville High School and Carlinville Wrestling Club teams held their award banquet last Thursday at the Carlinville Elks Lodge. Front row: Ayden Davis, Brody McFarland, Parker Sampson, Riley Smith, Wesley Smith, Trey Boston, Peyton Gilpin, Keegan Reese, Rylan Wise. Second row: Reese Frankford, Wyan Gilbert, Mason Gilpin, Login Norris, Caden Rosentreter, Mason Wise, Clayton Sampson. Third row: Coach David Daugherty, Demitry Lewis, Luke Daugherty, Mason Patton, Karson Reese, Jake Schwartz, Joe Alepra, Evan Bethard, Chase Michaelis, Levi Perkins, Dustin Roberts, Isaac Daugherty, Coach Tim Dixon. Back Row: Coach Tim Johnson, Rylan Frankford, Tristen Burns, Keagan Broaddus, Kenneth Alepra, Cyler McClain, Nate Burns, Kyle Dixon, Jacob Dixon, Daniel Card, Tyler Martin, Brandon Miller, Carl Bellm.

Carlinville seniors Jacob Dixon, left, and Tyler Martin were given The Grind Award at the wrestling banquet. 

 Carlinvllle all-conference wrestlers for the past season, from left, are: Rylan Frankford, Kyle Dixon, Tristen Burns, Jacob Dixon and Nate Burns. 

Special awards for the Carlinville wrestling team were earned by Tristen Burns (Most Improved) and Jacob Dixon (MVP). 

 30-win Club members, include, from left, Kyle Dixon, Tristen Burns, Jacob Dixon (100-win club career) and Nate Burns.