Christmas cheer requires some effort

Christmas cheer requires some effort

The Issue: Christmas spirit doesn’t just happen on its own.

Our View: It takes a lot effort and dedication to bring Christmas cheer to our communities and our homes.

CARLINVILLE (Dec. 7, 2017) – While Dec. 25 always manages to come around every year, it would be just another day if it wasn’t for the people who work to make it festive. Lights don’t hang themselves and ornaments would just languish in the attic if it wasn’t for the dedicated people in our lives who make it happen.

Whether or not one believes in Santa, there’s no denying that a lot of shopping gets done this time of year. Then there’s the baking, the cleaning and the decorating. It doesn’t really matter if you’re the sort to pull an artificial tree out of the attic or one who hikes into the wilderness with a saw because each requires a commitment of time and effort.

On a larger scale, our communities rely on the efforts of some local elves to decorate the shop windows, plan the activities and generate excitement during the days leading up to Dec. 25. Such work is usually done by Chambers of Commerce and a group of local businesspeople. It makes sense. Businesses rely on the holiday shopping season to help them finish the year in the black. Generating the kind of excitement necessary to motivate shoppers to frequent local businesses isn’t easy to do. With on-line shopping and the lure of out-of-town businesses, not all our city sidewalks are as busy as they should be this time of year.

Locally, both Carlinville and Gillespie are to be commended for their efforts to bring the spirit of Christmas to mid Macoupin County. There was a time when decorating the community for Christmas was left to city government. That’s not the case anymore because both communities have business organizations that step up to take on the task.

As usual, the Coal Country Chamber of Commerce hosted another successful Holiday Sparkle and Snack with Santa. The event does a great job of brining out families for a ride on the CCCC Choo Choo and the petting zoo, complete with reindeer.

In Carlinville, various organizations combined their efforts for the Christmas in Carlinville weekend. With A Carlinville Christmas on the square, the Carlinville Christmas Market happening at Cross Church, activities at the Macoupin County Historical Society and Christmas at the Plaza, there were plenty of places for people to go to find things to do. The event encompassed the entire town.

Working together isn’t always the easiest thing to do. People have different opinions and different agendas. That varied businesses and organizations are able to come together for a common cause makes such goals more achievable. Most of us live in a community, which, by definition, implies a certain amount of cooperation among those who live and work there. When residents and businesses work to promote the town, everyone benefits.

When homes and businesses are decorated for the holidays and maintained all year long, the whole community benefits.

Thank you to all who do their part to bring cheer to our homes and communities this time of year. The season may not be about the lights, the gifts, the carols and the decorations, but the effort put forth to provide these things helps make the season merry and bright for a lot of people.