Christ-Following 101

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 7, 2017) – Attitude matters! To sum up my two previous articles: your attitude at the beginning of a task affects its outcome more than anything else. Your attitude toward others often determines their attitude toward you. Your attitude can give you a winner’s edge. Your attitude, not your achievements is what truly gives you happiness. Whether you are a polluter or a purifier, your attitude is contagious.

The bottom line on attitude is that a good one helps to increase your possibilities. Pessimists usually get what they expect. So do optimists. Believing in yourself increases your chances of success. Looking for the positive in every situation helps you see opportunities that you would otherwise miss. Being positive with people prompts them to be positive with you, and individuals who interact well with others have a leg up on people who don’t positively. I can’t think of one legitimate criticism of positive thinking.

Think about the qualities of great leaders. Of the qualities you are thinking of, which are attitude related and skill related? I would say 80-90 percent would be attitude related. Let me say it again: attitude matters!

There is the story told of two frogs that fall into a can of cream. The frogs tried to get out of the can but the sides of the can were shiny and steep, and the cream was deep and cold. Frog #1 said “Oh, what’s the use… its fate, no help around, goodbye friend, good-bye cruel world”. Weeping, he gave up and drown. However Frog #2 chose to dog paddle. No matter how tired he got he just kept dog paddling until the cream turned to butter and he was able to hop out on the butter. The decisions and outcomes of both frogs were dictated by their attitude.

Negative attitudes are the results of negative thinking. Negative attitudes create unnecessary clouds of clutter. Negative attitudes are contagious. Negative attitudes blow everything out of proportion. Negative attitudes place unnecessary limitations on potential. Negative attitudes keep us from enjoying life. Negative attitudes hinder others. Negative attitudes affect our health.

It has been said attitude is 10 percent what happens to you, and 90 percent what happens in you. A happy, productive life is 10 percent ability and 90 percent attitude! It’s not about a bad versus a good attitude. It’s about developing an overcoming attitude, which naturally flows out of the heart of a champion, versus a defeated, overwhelmed attitude that comes from the heart of defeatism.

Attitude makes you or breaks you. Attitude heals you or wounds you. Attitude makes you friends and makes you enemies. Attitude makes you uptight or at ease. Attitude makes you miserable or happy. Attitude makes you a failure or a success.

Christ-Following 101 is written by Tim Rhodus, Lead Pastor of Cross Church, Carlinville-Staunton-Hettick,,