Celebrating a year of Crowe Boots and Shoes Co.

Celebrating a year of Crowe Boots and Shoes

CARLINVILLE (Nov. 16, 2017) – Owned by husband and wife Adam and Holly Crowe, Crowe Boot and Shoe Co. is a self described “customer service oriented, sit and fit style shoe store.” They offer customers a range of men’s and women’s athletic and comfort style shoes as well as boots including brands such as Adidas, Skechers, Asics, ECCO, Columbia, and many more.

Even with the wide selection currently available, the Crowes are always looking to expand their inventory based on their customers feedback.

“It’s not about what we like or what we want,” said co-owner Holly Crowe, “It’s about what our customers want.” Additionally the staff will assist customers in getting sizes and featured brand shoes that are not in stock. “We feel like the business is a reflection of us and we just want people to know that whether they come in to buy shoes or not we want them to have a good feeling and impression of our store and staff.”

Though the store recently celebrated its first anniversary, the Crowe’s didn’t always intend to open a shoe store. According to Crowe, it happened almost by chance.

“I drove by and I saw that the building was for sale and I thought ‘Huh, I wonder what something like that would cost,” said Crowe. As it turned out, it was less than she anticipated. After touring the building and much deliberation, the Crowes made the leap to purchase the building next to the Marvel Theater, but with no clear notion of what they would do with it.

“We thought about, ‘What is it that Carlinville needs that we don’t have?” said Crowe. “Something awesome needs to go there.”

The Crowes realized there were no shoe stores in town and nowhere nearby to get work boots, so they came to the decision that boots and shoes would be their business. Since then, the shoe store has continued to grow in both size and ambition.

“We’re committed to developing our business and growing it,” said Crowe. “We want to be part of Carlinville becoming a destination.”

Address: 218 W Main St, Carlinville, IL 62626

Monday Closed

Tuesday 9AM–7PM

Wednesday 9AM–6PM

Thursday 9AM–6PM

Friday 9AM–6PM

Saturday 9AM–3PM

Sunday Closed

Facebook: @crowebootandshoe

Phone: (217) 854-7463

Crowe Boot and Shoe Co. recently celebrated their first year in business. Pictured are owners Adam and Holly Crowe.