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An open letter to the return of summertime

Dear Heat, I hope you understand we have a complicated relationship. You know I grew up in […]

Casting my vote for informed voters versus quantity

We just came out of election season here. Campaign signs have come down around town at the […]

Showing my true Americanism by watching the Olympic

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of your time between February 7 and February […]

Should Super Bowl Sunday be declared a national

I’m of the opinion that the Super Bowl is the most amazing spectacle we have to offer […]

Find a place for courtesy to reside in

I just returned from a week in Walt Disney World. If you’re one of my fellow Disney […]

Welcome to the winter of our discontent

We here in mid-Illinois consider ourselves to be made of good, tough, midwestern stock. We boast about […]

Take time to find your passion during summer

Some of my most prized possessions are not my jewelry, or archery trophy, or even my collection […]

Community spirit starts with our kids

There is something about Macoupin County that sets it apart from every other place I’ve been. There […]