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Faux excitement for soccer similar to Olympics

Soccer, by most admissions, is not a television sport. Spectator sport, yes. But since we were unable […]

When being number one is bad

Illinois is known for many things, both good and bad, but is it really the worst state […]

Cronyism: is it alive and well in all

With this being the last of my seven articles (or at least for now), I have decided […]

A how-to guide for a more enjoyable dining

The customer/waitress bond is like no other. I have had many waitress friends and I have asked […]

Stop bullying behavior by first looking within

I was perusing my Facebook today and three statuses popped right up. They all concerned the subject […]

It’s never too late to leave a lasting

In my many years as a waitress, I have met many wonderful people who have touched my […]

Abusing drugs to solve life’s problem is not

I would love to admit that I don’t love Dr. Phil, but that would be a big […]

What not to wear or say when applying

I work in the food service industry and we get a number of applications every week. I […]

Tears freeze at county animal shelter

It is 7:30 in the morning and it is 31 degrees outside and today is one of […]

Bringing to light a dark disease

Let’s face it, in a world where celebrity deaths are tabloid regulars we are very seldom shocked […]