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Celebrating Festivus as my holiday of choice

While many people choose to celebrate the holiday season with lighted Christmas trees, elaborate decorations, and hours […]

Keep to a regular routine for school, kids

By Sue Leopold The first semester of school is nearing conclusion, and that includes a busy and […]

Become informed on Clean Line Energy proposal

I’ve been keeping a loose eye on the Clean Line Energy (CLE) Company based out of Texas […]

Leading a grateful life offers many benefits

The month of November is typically a time to give thanks. Are you sharing gratitude all during […]

An invitation to share your holiday memories

By Kaylan Schardan The Write Team   Love them or hate them, the holidays often make for […]

Support our local veterans and their needs

Macoupin County has 4,591 living veterans. There are happy veterans, grouchy veterans, loud veterans, quiet veterans. There […]

Our boy is home again. Hurrah, hurrah!

In most places, the sound of howling sirens usually isn’t a good thing, but here in the […]

Reflecting on A Past Role Model

Who is a role model in your life? I have always hated that question. I never felt […]

Living life as a member of Generation X

A recent statistic from the U.S. Department of Labor has sparked some interest in generational differences. By […]

Why I write for the Write Team

Writing is my voice when I cannot speak.  Frequently, while in conversations, I find myself searching for […]