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Macoupin County’s lakes are a source of summer

6 22 17 With Jan Dona The Write Team While there are some who want nothing more […]

Graduates: Exciting time of your lives on the

6 8 17 By Eric Becker The Write Team Sunday, May 28, I really felt old. I […]

Painting a bigger picture of arts education

6 1 17   By Jess Willard The Write Team When you think of the word “education,” […]

Graduating to adulthood

5 18 17   With Jess Willard Short Commentary For Macoupin County high school seniors, the rest […]

Here’s why Illinois should allow bobcat hunting

I am jumping on the bandwagon to write about the bobcat bill. The governor is taking his […]

Prescription drug prices continue to climb

Rural Health News Service There’s no getting around it. Americans are using more medications and spending more […]

Lead by example when using social media

With all the recent news stories and media publicity about bullying maybe it is time to do […]

Examining food in a box: is it for

Fresh meat and vegetables by mail. With faster shipping times, the practice has become mainstream. Have you […]

Patients grade their local hospital

By Trudy Lieberman   The government has just announced its first-ever star ratings, available at cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDatabase/Press-releases/2015-Press-releases-items/2015-04-16.html, of […]

Township government includes an annual meeting

By Norm Semrock Guest Columnist The Illinois Compiled Statues chapter 60-1 contains the Township Code. It requires […]