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Letter to the Editor, Zirkelbach and Wheeler

Dear Editor, As Former Sheriffs of Macoupin County, we want to urge local voters to support the […]

Letter to the Editor, Stoecker

Dear Editor, I’m not sure how many people know that the city clerk position is the only […]

Letter to the Editor, Swiatkowski

Dear Editor, I must congratulate and thank all of the employees of ‘Street, Public Works, Water,’ and […]

Letter to the Editor, Schaaff

Dear Editor, Recently the citizens of Carlinville have had the misfortune of individuals stealing political signs. What […]

Letter to the Editor, Bell

Dear Editor, The Deanna Demuzio Story: On her last day in office at the Senate, Deanna was […]

Letter to the Editor, Brotze

Dear Editor, As a taxpaying citizen of Carlinville, I have been a frequent attendee of Carlinville city […]

Letter to the Editor, Duckles

Dear Editor, We are writing this letter in support of Bobbie Klaus who is running for Carlinville […]

Letter to the Editor, Emery

Dear Editor, Deanna Demuzio has served Carlinville well in many capacities for decades, and she has the […]

Letter to the Editor, Ezard

Dear Friends of the City of Carlinville, Ill., It is with great pleasure that I write a […]

Letter to the Editor, Klaus

Dear Editor, Everyone living in Carlinville understands how important it is for our city government to look […]