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Give yourself a good talking to and see

By Rick Wade “Hey, you’re that reporter, right? Gotta question. All those things you write in that […]

Letter to the Editor, Semrock

Dear Editor, This newspaper’s account of the Carlinville City Council’s meeting on May 6, 2013 reported that […]

Letter to the Editor, Andrews

Dear Editor, The courthouse is a symbol. Macoupin Countians are proud people with deep faith in God […]

Adults can be big influence for good on

The issue: National statistics show that as a child ages, parents participate less in their lives. Our […]

Some things in life are more likeable than

By Rick Wade Here’s what I don’t like. People who say, “People like him …” Saying one […]

Letter to the Editor, Boente

Dear Editor and Carlinville Community, My family and l are writing to thank Dr. Julie Fleischer and […]

Letter to the Editor, Hart

Parents and Citizens of Carlinville, I recently had the opportunity to work with the 2013 Post Prom […]

Letter to the Editor, Heyen

Dear Editor, In last weeks paper, I read with great interest the article by Hilary Hake about […]

Forget the maypole, let’s celebrate Law Day!

The issue: May 1 is Law Day, an opportunity to pay tribute to the rule of law […]

You were warned; now it’s getting serious

By Rick Wade A few months ago, I wrote in this space about the disturbing number of […]