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Letter to the Editor, Toon

Dear Editor, I was appalled at the headline about the old hospital re-zoning situation in last week’s […]

Letter to the Editor, Eades

Dear Editor, A farmers’ market, by definition is a physical retail market for farm-related items to be […]

Nothing wrong with common sense when it comes

By Rick Wade I know that many of you will not like what I am about to […]

Macoupin County faces daunting problems

The issue: Macoupin County faces daunting problems that need to be addressed. Our view: Complaining will not […]

Letter to the Editor, Harding

Dear Editor, Today dawned as a very nice, cool, 61 degree morning. Windows were open all night […]

Letter to the Editor, Elliott

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter to thank Carlinville, Illinois for such an amazing experience on […]

‘I am Paula Deen’

By Rick Wade I have never really liked Paula Deen. I find her annoying, from her voice […]

The American struggle for freedom didn’t end 237

The issue: As society evolves, Americans must constantly reassess and fight to maintain their liberties. Our view: […]

Letter to the Editor, Adamski

Dear Editor, There are 195 countries in the world that have their own flag and 60 dependent […]

Letter to the Editor, Armstrong

Dear Editor, In its June 11th meeting the County Board voted to cut $75,000 from the Courthouse’s […]