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Clarifications for April 11, 2013

• Joeb Easterday was incorrectly identified as pitching for Carlinville High School in the baseball story which appeared […]

Communities get the governments they choose

Slug: main commentary 4_4 THE ISSUE: Local elections are pivotal. OUR VIEW: Voters should choose the candidates […]

Don’t forget true meaning of Easter

By Daniel Winningham Another Easter season is in the books and, for retailers, it’s time to focus […]

Letter to the Editor, Wilhite

Dear Editor, A recent issue of the Enquirer-Democrat lauded the use of marijuana, saying its use prevented […]

Joe Heller, March 28, 2013


Sunshine Week has nothing to do with climate

The issue: The public’s right to know what government is doing in its name has become an […]

Welcome to Carlinville

By Rick Wade As I sat in city hall during the recent council meeting I kept wondering […]

Letter to the Editor, Lott

To the Citizens of Carlinville, When I was running four years ago, I signed a code of […]

Letter to the Editor, Pitchford

Dear Editor, As Mayor of Girard from 2000 to 2008,it was my duty and responsibility to solve […]

Letter to the Editor, Zirkelbach and Wheeler

Dear Editor, As Former Sheriffs of Macoupin County, we want to urge local voters to support the […]