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Letter to the Editor, Wright

Dear Editor, My wife and I recently visited your hospitable community. We were impressed with the charm […]

City mouse doesn’t stand a chance with these

By Hilary Hake The other day I was running errands with my boys and my oldest, who […]

Concealed carry legislation contains serious flaw

The issue: Legislation awaiting the governor’s signature creates a concealed carry application review board that is exempt […]

There’s nothing like a good roll in the

By Rick Wade One afternoon shortly before Spring, the weather warmed up just enough to lure me […]

Holiday a chance to renew your relationship with

The issue: Flag Day is June 14. Our view: The U.S. flag is a symbol of what […]

Letter to the Editor, Burke

Dear Editor, In regard to your front page article on May 15 covering the Planning and Zoning […]

Letter to the Editor, Brotze

Dear Editor, I am writing to voice concern over coverage that your paper has been publishing on […]

We can do better by our veterans

The issue: Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on how the nation treats its veterans. […]

Correction, May 23, 2013 edition

In the May 23 issue of the Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat, quotes were incorrectly attributed to Alderman Jan […]

Carlinville High School football games

How many Carlinville High School football games do you plan to attend this year? To leave a comment, […]