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Letter to the Editor, Eades

Dear Editor, In regard to the last week’s letter, on the Farmers’ Market, I would like to […]

Letter to the Editor, Homer

Dear Ann, I was so happy to hear you’ll resume writing articles for the Enquirer. I really […]

Letter to the Editor, Morgan

Dear Editor, Thank you to Cody Mize for your letter regarding the recent article titled, “Nothing wrong […]

Letter to the Editor, Dempsey

Dear Editor, This letter adresses the concerns previously expressed concerning the Carlinville Farmers’ Market to the editor. […]

Letter to the Editor, Young

Dear Editor, It’s really important to give credit and praise when it is deserved and earned, especially […]

It takes a village to catch a thief

By Hilary Hake When a crime is committed in this tiny,  sleepy town I call home, the […]

Courthouse needs a capital campaign

Issue: Several million dollars are needed to fully fund renovations and improvements to the Macoupin County Courthouse. […]

Letter to the Editor, Andrews

Dear Editor, Gratitude goes to the members of the Citizens Advisory Committee for Courthouse Renovation. At the […]

Letter to the Editor, Weller

Dear Editor, I wish to follow up the Eades’ letter with some additional comments regarding the local […]

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

The issue: Many people long for the good old days, when life was thought to be simpler […]