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Disagreeing hurts community more than it helps

4 13 17 Dear Editor: I agree with your editorial last week about the city council. And, […]

Unacceptable not having a state budget

4 13 17 To the editor: Two Years. Illinois has been operating without a budget for nearly […]

For the love of trees

4 6 17 By Kathleen Clark As the trees regain their leaves and flowers, I am again […]

Petty squabbles are not in Carlinville’s best interest

4 6 17 The Issue: Carlinville’s best interest is being derailed by smoke and mirrors. Our View: […]

Attend a council meeting – it’s entertaining

4 6 17 To the editor: I encourage every citizen of Carlinville to attend a city council […]

Traffic snafus in Carlinville

4 6 17 Dear Editor: We are still hearing complaints on the no thru traffic at Loveless […]

Preserving old farm houses the best way I

3 30 17 By Jan Dona That one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is the truth. […]

Blackburn takes thoughtful approach to race issues

3 30 17 The Issue: Small communities and rural areas aren’t immune to racism. Our View: Blackburn’s […]

National Doctors’ Day

3 30 17 Dear Editor, Doctors work long hours to benefit their patients. In addition to their […]

Equal Pay Day

3 30 17 To the editor: On Tuesday, April 4, people across the United States will observe […]