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Trivia for 7-11-19

One of my favorite aspects of July 4 besides the history involved is that my Dad would […]

Trivia 6-20-19

Father’s Day If you don’t know an answer, just do some research. It is fun and it […]

Learn through trivia 6-13-19

1.Flag Day Just a reminder, trivia recognizes small pieces of information that helps to make a more […]

Trivia – 5-30-19

Memorial day? Some will say this is not Memorial Day! I will agree with them up to […]

Trivia 5-9-19

Is Mother’s Day trivia? In the sense that it recognizes small pieces of information. Overall though it […]

Learn through trivia 4-25-19

What is a nickname?  “A familiar or humorous name given in this case to a person as […]

William O. Dever

William O. “Bill” Dever, 83, of Gillespie, passed away at Cedarhurst of Collinsville, on Sunday, April 7, […]

Learn through trivia 4-11-19

Let us go a little further into famous horses. The first round went over well. The two […]

Learn through trivia 3-28-19

My brother in-law likes to play trivia, In fact, just recently he even suggested a topic. The […]

Trivia 3-14-19

Everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. 1. What does “Erin Go Bragh” mean? 2. Shamrock means? […]