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We’re all a fan when a local team

THE ISSUE: Football season is over for some, but others are just getting started. OUR VIEW: Rival fans come together when […]

Very heartwarming

To the editor: It was very heartwarming to see in last week’s paper that Dale Kasten and […]

The growing political divide

Dear Editor, Now more than ever, I am concerned about the growing political divide in our country […]

Encouraging Macoupin County voters

To the editor: I would like to encourage Macoupin County voters to join me in supporting Andy […]

The Carlinville Public Library

To the editor: The Carlinville Public Library would like to extend a big thank you to all […]

Misled our constituents yet again

To the editor: In a recent letter to the editor, my opponent, Avery Bourne, misled our constituents […]

Last election

Dear Editor, Last election, the Litchfield Chamber of Commerce hosted a candidate forum. It served as an […]

Thanks for the update on IARWC

To the Editor, Thanks you for the update on IARWC and Carlinville’s participation in it. While this […]

A brief lesson in recent history

To the editor: First, a brief lesson in recent history: Four years ago, voters in the 95th […]

Look beyond premium costs when choosing a Medicare

BY: Trudy Lieberman (Rural Health News Service) Making decisions about Medicare coverage has never been easy. Over the years, […]