Letters to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor, Brotze

Dear Editor, As a taxpaying citizen of Carlinville, I have been a frequent attendee of Carlinville city […]

Letter to the Editor, Duckles

Dear Editor, We are writing this letter in support of Bobbie Klaus who is running for Carlinville […]

Letter to the Editor, Emery

Dear Editor, Deanna Demuzio has served Carlinville well in many capacities for decades, and she has the […]

Letter to the Editor, Ezard

Dear Friends of the City of Carlinville, Ill., It is with great pleasure that I write a […]

Letter to the Editor, Klaus

Dear Editor, Everyone living in Carlinville understands how important it is for our city government to look […]

Citizens have one more chance to prove they

The issue: Time is running out to learn about the issues facing the city of Carlinville. Our […]

Letter to the Editor, Swiatkowski

Dear Editor, The March 14th debate answered my question as to whom to vote for mayor. Over […]

Letter to the Editor, Monetti

Dear Editor, I have an issue with the letter written by Mrs. E. Frelander, published in the […]

Letter to the Editor, Boston

Dear Editor, My name is Dena (Hughes) Boston and I am the current Carlinville City Clerk running […]

Letter to the Editor, Baran

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse former Senator Deanna Demuzio in her […]