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New train station offers state-of-the-art facility

THE ISSUE: Does Carlinville benefit from a new train station? OUR VIEW: The investment in a new […]

Christmas cheer requires some effort

The Issue: Christmas spirit doesn’t just happen on its own. Our View: It takes a lot effort […]

Main editorial

THE ISSUE: Advocacy services combine forces to ensure the safety of children. OUR VIEW: Funding is needed […]

This week’s editorial

The Issue: Many bemoan the fact that the holiday set aside for giving thanks has become so […]

Public vigilance is the answer to park vandalism

The Issue: There isn’t a single Carlinville park that hasn’t been a target of vandalism. Our View: […]

Recognizing progress in local communities is vital

THE ISSUE: Recognition of one’s efforts fosters improved success OUR VIEW: Organizations, municipalities, and individuals can all […]

Understanding civics strengthens our democracy

The Issue: By definition, a democracy cannot survive without the public’s participation. Our View: Carlinville High School […]

A skilled trade is as valuable as a

The Issue: Having a skilled and/or educated work force is vital for a community. Our View: Even […]

History will come alive in Mt. Olive Oct.

The issue: Local history usually doesn’t come from text books. Our view: It is through events like […]

Harvest safety vital to farmers, public

The Issue: The harvest is a dangerous time of year. Our View: Having a safe harvest takes […]