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Strong candidates never have to rely on last-minute

The Issue: Some politicos cry foul at paper’s policy. Our View: The policy regarding political letters has […]

Communities get the governments they choose

Slug: main commentary 4_4 THE ISSUE: Local elections are pivotal. OUR VIEW: Voters should choose the candidates […]

Don’t forget true meaning of Easter

By Daniel Winningham Another Easter season is in the books and, for retailers, it’s time to focus […]

Sunshine Week has nothing to do with climate

The issue: The public’s right to know what government is doing in its name has become an […]

Welcome to Carlinville

By Rick Wade As I sat in city hall during the recent council meeting I kept wondering […]

Extended deadline for letters to the editor

Due to popular demand, the Enquirer-Democrat has extended the deadline for publication of letters to the editor […]

Slamming shut computer screens opens doors to creativity

By Hilary Hake I was recently at a friend’s house when she yelled at her son for […]

Correction, March 7, 2013 edition

An article in the March 7 issue of the Enquirer-Democrat stated that all candidates for the upcoming […]

Candidate debate forum well-received

The issue: Blackburn College, Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat, and Carlinville Community Chamber of Commerce sponsored a candidates debate […]

Maybe it’s time to rethink the American Dream

By Hilary Hake What is your biggest wish for your children? If you could ask my great-grandparents […]