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Understanding civics strengthens our democracy

The Issue: By definition, a democracy cannot survive without the public’s participation. Our View: Carlinville High School […]

A skilled trade is as valuable as a

The Issue: Having a skilled and/or educated work force is vital for a community. Our View: Even […]

History will come alive in Mt. Olive Oct.

The issue: Local history usually doesn’t come from text books. Our view: It is through events like […]

Harvest safety vital to farmers, public

The Issue: The harvest is a dangerous time of year. Our View: Having a safe harvest takes […]

Macoupin County Courthouse celebrates 150 years

The Issue: Many in the county take the old building for granted. Our view: The next few […]

Blackburn College doubles down on its commitment to

The Issue: When students go off to college, they often don’t come back. Our View: Not only […]

There’s plenty here to see if people know

The Issue: Macoupin County lacks an entity dedicated to attracting tourists and providing them with things to […]

Lions Club fulfills its commitment to Carlinville

The Issue: For many, the Lions Club Carnival is just good family fun. Our View: Carlinville Lions […]

Act of requesting public information is public information

The Issue: The city of Carlinville receives many requests for information. Our Issue: There are those who […]

Time will tell whether train station will be

8 17 17 The Issue: Some still think the new train station is a waste. Our View: […]