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Reducing cooling costs a summertime priority

6 22 17 The Issue: Tolerating the summer heat is easier for some than others. Our View: […]

Honoring Dad on Father’s Day easier than many

6 15 17 The Issue: Many struggle with what to get Dad for Father’s Day. Our View: […]

Flag Day: A day to honor all for

6 8 17 The Issue: Our flag has a long, rich history steeped in symbolism. Our View: […]

Painting a bigger picture of arts education

6 1 17   By Jess Willard The Write Team When you think of the word “education,” […]

Kudos to area businesses who put teens to

6 1 17 The Issue: It’s hard to get a job without experience, and it’s hard to […]


  Unacceptable. That one word perfectly sums up the pain, dysfunction and instability Capitol politicians have inflicted […]

To graduate is to move forward into life’s

5 18 17 The Issue: Many people think graduations mark an ending. Our View: Commencement ceremonies celebrate […]

Businesses would benefit from accessibility

5 11 17 With Misty Fritz Short Commentary Until a couple weeks ago, I hadn’t realized just how […]

Mothers aren’t always determined by biology

5 11 17 The Issue: There is more to motherhood than giving birth. Our View: Often, there […]

Kicking and sneezing: Allergy season at its peak

5 4 17 With Jess Willard Short Commentary Flowers are blossoming, bees are buzzing, and your neighbor […]