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FOIA laws need to be understood

4 27 17 By Matt Turley Guest Columnist The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was strengthened […]

Letter to Editor #3

4 27 17 To the editor: Your child could help save a cancer patient’s life. On Mother’s […]

Letter to Editor #2

4 27 17 SLUG: Letter Kleen To the editor: Two very colorful species that often appear at […]

Letter to Editor #1

4 27 17 Dear Editor, In last week’s issue, you ran the following quote by the Macoupin […]

Getting early diagnosis for breathing issues important

4 20 17 By Eric Becker Short Commentary  My wife and I both new that our youngest […]

Next week is National Volunteer Week

4 20 17 The Issue: The work of volunteers is often taken for granted. Our View: Volunteerism […]

Short commentary

4 13 17 With Jess Willard   If you had asked me what I defined as a […]

Carlinville among districts taking state to court

4 13 17 The Issue: CUSD 1 takes a stand against state’s failure to equitably fund schools. […]

Disagreeing hurts community more than it helps

4 13 17 Dear Editor: I agree with your editorial last week about the city council. And, […]

Unacceptable not having a state budget

4 13 17 To the editor: Two Years. Illinois has been operating without a budget for nearly […]