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Opioid crisis hits rural America hard

By Gordon Hopkins, Rural Health News Service The opioid crisis is a major talking point on the […]

Hunters and fishermen play large role in conservation

The Issue: As our communities grow, the need for wildlife management increases. Our View: Those who hunt […]

Learn through Trivia

With Harold Strangeman National Grandparents Day honors grandparents and their relations with their grandchildren. I just discovered […]

Never too late for self-discovery, self-improvement

By Eric Becker On the 17th anniversary of one of the worst days in the history of […]

On the back burner

Dear Editor: Downstate is often put on the back burner when competing with the big city of […]

Illinois has a festival for just about everyone

THE ISSUE: Many underestimate the fun to be had at festivals across the state. OUR VIEW: Day […]

Choosing health insurance in a confusing marketplace

By Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service Anyone buying health insurance this fall faces a daunting task: […]

Taxpayer money

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 6 2018) – Dear citizens: I have heard you loud and clear regarding your concerns […]

Learn through Trivia

BY HAROLD STRANGEMAN Are you an historian? I bet you are to one extent or another. If […]

Six months of progress down, many to go

BY MISTY FRITZ CARLINVILLE (AUG. 30 2018) – Six and a half months have flown by since […]