Carlinville Ward 4 Alderman candidates answer questions

Carlinville Ward 4 Alderman candidates answer questions

Richard D. Brown II

Occupation:  Recruiter / Admissions at Lincoln’s Challenge Academy (an At Risk Youth Program)

Marital/Family Status:  Married to Raquel

Why are you seeking office?

Living in town for over 50 years, I have seen Carlinville struggle over time.  Carlinville was once far more prosperous and has not been able to evolve over time to maintain that prosperity.  The policies in place aren’t working and I felt it was time to stop watching and become part of the solution.  It seems as though citizens aren’t being heard and their desires are being ignored – people want actual representation and a chance to have their ideas heard.

What ideas do you have that you will try to implement for the position that you are seeking?

The number one, most important issue is to increase communication and transparency of the operations of the city government.  Much of the unhappiness I have heard from residents is due to a lack of available information as well as the appearance of agenda driven decisions.  Careful deliberations that are shared with the citizens the council represents are critical to achieving success in the future.

What do you believe are the top three issues currently facing Carlinville and detail your ideas to address them.   

1) Carlinville must find ways to attract businesses to the area.

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