Carlinville Ward 4 Alderman candidates answer questions

Carlinville Ward 4 Alderman candidates answer questions

Victoria L. Wagstaff

Occupation, Education, Marital/Family Status, Why are you seeking office?

You can call me Victoria, Vicky or Vic. I’ll always turn my head to answer. My maiden name is Fetter. A lot of you know me and/or my family. I’m a server at Abella’s Restaurant here in Carlinville, where I’ve worked for the last 4 years. Customer service is my niche. I’m good with people. Also, I am currently one of the aldermen in ward 4 and a council member. I was appointed to council in November of last year. I’m a 1999 graduate of Carlinville High School. I have been divorced and am now happily engaged, though my marital status has no bearing on my service to the city. My wonderful twelve-year-old son keeps me on my toes. This is my home, and I want to see it bettered; bettered for its citizens, our businesses, and our children. Bettered in all ways. I plan to assist the mayor and councilmen in that. We need to work together and keep moving forward.

What ideas do you have that you will try to implement for the position that you are seeking?

I’ve been in this position for around six months. I’m still learning what I can do and the channels I have to go through in order to accomplish things. We have an asset in our Carlinville Plaza. I would like to see more business and activity at the north end of town, and utilize it more than it has been in recent years.

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