Carlinville school district continues pursuit of excellence

Carlinville school district continues pursuit of excellence


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

During Monday’s Carlinville Community Unit School District No. 1 Board of Education session, Carlinville Primary School principal Elise Schwartz paid a visit to discuss and recommend some minor changes to parent-student handbooks, which were later approved at the conclusion of the meeting. The new rules are as follows.

In terms of attendance, administration and counseling staffs will reach out to the family of a student if this becomes a growing concern.

When going on field trips, all chaperones will be expected to stay on the trip for the entire day. Students will not be allowed to leave early with their parents in a separate vehicle unless arrangements have been made with their principal beforehand. Although early signouts are allowed, they are not recommended because these scenarios will take a toll on perfect attendance.

All students wishing to eat meals for free or at a reduced price must have their parents complete an online application or return a hard copy to the CUSD district office as soon as possible.

If a student needs to take presciption medication, a document will need to be signed by a parent as well as the child’s medical doctor when deemed necessary. All forms of medication are to remain in their original packages and taken to a school nurse’s office. Labels, medication orders and the student’s name are all required. School staffs are encouraging that all one-month supplies are to be taken to the school nurse as well. Medical cannabis may also be allowed, but only if it is adminstered by an Illinois Department of Health caregiver. Physicians and parents will be required to complete a school medication authorization form. After that, a health plan will be developed for the student’s best benefit in terms of specific schedule, location and procedures.

When purchasing milk, cold lunch students must wait for hot lunch students to go through the line first.

To make telephone calls, students will be allowed to use school phones or their secretary. Personal cell phones are not allowed during school hours. Students should keep them in backpacks or completely turned off. To place a call, it must be for a legitimate educational reason. Examples include forgotten lunch money, clarification of after-school plans, cases of an emergency, illnesses or any other reason permitted at school staff discretion.

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