Carlinville Mayoral candidates answer questions

Carlinville Mayoral candidates answer questions

Beth Toon

Occupation: Retired. The largest part of my career was spent as manager, then general manager/director of a medical equipment business. Prior to that I worked as a Respiratory Therapy Technician. I retired from the medical equipment business to spend 7 years watching my two baby grandchildren while my daughter and son-in-law worked. When the kiddos started school, I started working for the City of Carlinville as the Zoning Administrator, and a year later as the Economic Development Coordinator as well as Zoning Administrator. When I left the city, I spent 9 years as an in-home Parent Educator for a Birth to Three Preventative Initiative Program. I retired again last August.

Education: Carlinville High School, St. John’s School of Inhalation Therapy, various classes in accounting, business, and computers at Lewis and Clark Community College, Medicare and Medicaid training, Parents as Teachers training, Baby Talk training, Illinois Municipal League Training.

Marital/Family Status: Because I equate running for mayor the same as a job interview, I deliberately left my personal life out of any literature. My sincere hope is that the election will produce the most qualified candidate. However, because you ask, I am sure that most of you know at least some of my family members.  I am married to Dennis Toon, who is from Collinsville, and have two children, Alissa (Konneker) Barrett and her husband from Gillespie, Frank Barrett (whose mom is a Bomkamp), and our son, Josh Konneker, with the Konneker connection.

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