Carlinville Mayoral candidates answer questions

Carlinville Mayoral candidates answer questions

Sarah Oswald

Occupation: Mayor of Carlinville

Education: Graduated from Carlinville High School and received a BA in Sociology from Cornell College

Marital/Family Status: Single, Mother of 3 and grandmother to 6.

Why are you seeking office?

In my time spent as mayor and on city council, I’ve been a part of many projects for the city, and I would like to see them through and changes I’ve implemented that I would like to see progress further to better serve the public  Projects like seeing the Alluvial water project through to provide clean water to the community and also allows us the city the ability to open Carlinville Lakes for recreation and future development.   Since serving as mayor, I’ve wanted to increase communication from City Hall to the citizens and to the business community.  Going forward I’d like to expand that communication even further. In my time as mayor, I’ve realized the positive impact that I could have on citizens of Carlinville.

What ideas do you have that you will try to implement for the position that you are seeking?

I would like to work with the council to hire an economic development coordinator. The economic development for the future begins with business retention today. So, not only would this individual work on business recruitment but this person would also have roles with current business community with a focus on business retention.

Read the full story in this week’s Macoupin County Enquirer~Democrat Newspaper.4-1-2021