Carlinville marks next hot spot for Max-A-Million’s

Carlinville marks next hot spot for Max-A-Million’s

Max-A-Million’s now has nine different locations open for business, including one within the city limits of Carlinville. Photo contributed by Emily Pridemore.


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As of October 2019, the city of Carlinville now houses four gaming centers. The newest one is Max-A-Million’s, a facility that is the most recent addition to a chain of businesses operating within the state of Illinois.

Other locations include Quincy, Jacksonville, Litchfield, Springfield and Robinson.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the original Quincy Max-A-Million’s grand opening.

“The community of Carlinville seems to be a big fan of this business type,” said Max-A-Million’s Emily Pridemore. “The city was very helpful in terms of being patient and helping us to get things going. The applicants that we brought on board were very welcoming based on all of the information that they provided. Everyone was friendly and made the experience feel  familial.”

A lot of new Carlinville businesses have been centered around a family tradition and Max-A-Million’s has recently been added to that list as well.

“Our owners, Mark and Tanner Friedburg, are actually a father-son duo,” said Pridemore. “They were inspired to create this chain because Mark’s father was also involved working alongside them in their insurance company.  They rolled the dice, played on with that decision and we supported it.”

Each Max-A-Million’s location offers five video slot machines for a variety of virtual gaming experiences. The ultimate goal of the business is to make the stay extra special for customers.

Complimentary refreshments – drinks and snacks – are offered along with the providing of sophisticated seating style.

“We always believe our environment is kept quiet, comfortable and fresh,” stated Pridemore. That’s why we fully believe that we are the best. We don’t consider ourselves to be under the category of a bar, tavern or rest stop. Those are usually the places that you would generally find lots of video slot machines but we present a dedicated space to play so that the main focus is about players having privacy. I think that’s a positive experience in terms of discretion as well as maintenance of the building itself.”

Since it came into existence, Max-A-Million’s has been making a big splash along with the financial numbers that have grown ands flourished over the past couple of years.

“This particular form of gaming is one of the fastest-growing entertainment concepts within the entire state,” said Pridemore. “Video poker brought Illinois $375 million in 2018 so that’s a statistic I would definitely encourage people to put out there. It’s a positive benefit.”

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