Carlinville Eye Care has an eye on one's vision needs

Carlinville Eye Care has an eye on one’s

CARLINVILLE (Oct. 12, 2017) – On Carlinville’s North Broad Street, next to Dollar General, is a small, quaint building that, if not for the sign in the front lawn, might almost appear to be someone’s home. In fact, this is Carlinville Eye Care, a member of Vision Source and the office of local optometrists Dr. John Lapp and Dr. Katie Goodman-Thomas.

This small business was opened by doctors Henry Zilm and John Lapp in 1977 and despite Zilm’s departure, has continued to be of service to its community over the last 40 years. In 2011, Carlinville native Dr. Katie Goodman-Thomas joined the practice.

Quickly glancing at Carlinville Eye Care’s overwhelmingly glowing Facebook reviews makes apparent the love its patients have for the business.

A Sept. 16 review by one Amy Brown recounts an experience in which her husband came home from work, after business hours, with something stuck inside his eye. “Dr. Goodman had us come in and was able to treat my husband right away! She was very friendly, fast and efficient… I couldn’t believe she would go out of her way to save us from an all night ER visit!”

Carlinville Eye Care prides itself in its “state-of-the-art” equipment as well as a “fashionable” and abundant frame selection.

For those in the Carlinville area in need of a new eye care specialist, Carlinville  Eye Care is certainly worth a look.


The staff of Carlinville Eye Care include, from left to right, Kristi Drew, Haena Probst, Gail Hazelwood, Katie Hartman, Alyx Furness, and Beth Fanning.