Carlinville Dairy Queen: A family affair

Carlinville Dairy Queen: A family affair

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 28, 2017) – Carlinville’s Dairy Queen (DQ) has always been a favorite destination for locals looking to cool off with an icy treat in scorching summer months and remains a popular lunch destination for students and teachers of Carlinville High School during the school year.

Locally owned and operated by Rose Scheldt, who purchased the business from her brother-in-law Ralph last October, the business is very much a family affair. Scheldt manages the business with the help of her son Ben, while her husband Fred and son Ethan help out from time to time by making repairs and cleaning machines around the restaurant.

The Scheldts’ daughter, Carissa Brumback, manages the Gillespie DQ, which the family also owns. Coupons and promotions for both stores, such as their weekly Facebook exclusive deals, are honored at both locations.

Sheldt and her family try to give back to the community as much as they can, as exemplified by the recent benefit Carlinville DQ held for Brenda Pocklington, who was diagnosed with cancer and happens to be the grandmother to one of Scheldt’s employees.

“I believe in giving back to the community; they’re what makes this business,” said Scheldt who has also held fundraisers for Gillespie schools and sports at her other location, and hopes to do more in Carlinville soon.

The restaurant collects donations for Children’s Miracle Network all throughout the year. These donations directly benefit the participating St. Louis children’s hospitals, not far off locations. The Scheldts even take their employees on tours of these hospitals so that they can see where the money they collect is really going. “They’ve kind of been touched by seeing hospitals and seeing the children this money benefits,” said Brumback.

The Schedlts truly value their employees and do their best to help prepare them for the future. “We don’t see this as just a job for our employees; a lot of them are high school or college students. It’s a great opportunity for them to develop skills they’ll need for their future,” said Brumback.

There are also plans to create a college discount night and potentially even a similar Cavie night. “We’re always trying to develop better and more efficient methods to best serve our customers,” said Scheldt.

Scheldt also invites locals to stop in and try the new honey barbecue chicken basket or molten lava cake (a small chocolate cake with a gooey hot fudge center).

“The cake is wonderful by the way,” Scheldt said.