Carlinville cross country squads compete in Jacksonville Invite

Carlinville cross country squads compete in Jacksonville Invite

The Jacksonville Invitational cross country race Saturday was a race that was kind of unique in the way it was ran.

The meet was run as a flighted race, where all runners compete against their numbered counterparts on other teams.

For Carlinville, a chance to show what they were made of against a lot of larger school competition. Once again, the teams fared very well.

Carlinville was fifth in boys competition, scoring 28 points. Chatham Glenwood won with seven points, followed by Jerseyville at 19 and Taylorville at 23.

For the boys team, Carlinville’s Cory Landon ran against the best the other teams had to offer, and finished third with a time of 14:47. Ben Flowers of Jersey won in 14:37.

Second man boys race had Nolan Krepie of Calrinville finishing third in 15:43, traling Chris Durr of Glenwood at 15:20 and Luke Sloan of Taylorville at 15:34.

Jason Landon was fifth in the third man boys race, clocking in at 16:15. Taylorville’s Tommy O’Brien won that race in 15:38.

In the fourth-man boys race, Carlinville’s Charles Helton IV took fifth at 16:20. Samuel Mock was sixth for Carlinville in the fifth man boys race at 16:37.  Grayson Armour of Carlinville was seventh in the sixth-man race at 17:26, and Jacob Landon finished fourth in the seventh-man race in 17:06.

The eighth man race consisted of the remainder of the competitiors. Carlinville’s Bailey Lippold was 11th at 16:55; Xavier Lewis was 4th at 18:41; Seth Evans 61st at 19:07 and Jack Kufa 85th at 20:41.

On the girls side, Colleen Madden competed in the first woman race, taking fifth place overall with a time of 17:58. Rochester freshman Katherine Petty won in 16:42.

The Cavaliers were fourth as a team with 24 points. Rochester secured the team win with 8 points, followed by Chatham Glenwood at 9 and Highland at 23.

Jacey Roper was fifth in the second woman race, at 18:41. Glenwood’s Katie Curry, another freshman, won in 17:46.

The third woman race had Madelynn Williams of Carlinville finishing fourth at 19:47, tralining Glenwood freshman Savannah Duncan’s leading mark of 17:47.

Molly Lewis of Carlinville took third in the fourth-woman race at 19:54, trailing Megan McNicholas of Rochester at 18:24.

Stasia Nejmanowski was sixth in the fifth-woman race in 20:57, while Ryleigh Gibbel at 20:31 placed third in the sixth-woman race. Mackenzie Harris ran in 21:59 to finish in fourth in the seventh-woman race.

Other Carlinville finishers in the eighth-woman race included Kamryn Bremer, 23rd at 21:35; Bailey Cox, 40th at 22:59; Justice Brock 44th at 23:27; Rachel Strubbe 45th at 23:32and Abby Fleischer, 76th at 29:30.

The teams run at East Alton-Wood River’s invitational on Saturday. The Carlinville Invitational is next Tuesday.