Carlinville community steps it up again

CARLINVILLE (June 7, 2018) – Again this spring, the Carlinville community has shown how truly generous it is! Whenever the food pantry has a need, the community steps up to help — either by organizing an event or supporting us with food and cash donations! Spring events have included the hymn sing, the Boy Scout food drive, our fundraising dinner at the Elks, the post office food drive, and the Lions Club food drive to date. All of these events have helped us prepare for the summer months when we are the busiest — because there are no school breakfasts and lunches available when school is not in session. We have been approved to be a recipient of donations through both the Thrivent program and the Amazon Smile Foundation, so those are other avenues of support that the community has available.

There are currently 190-210 families in our area that are food insecure and are helped by the food pantry each month. That requires a lot of support, and this community has shown to be caring, compassionate and generous! We are truly blessed! Thank you!

Donna Eiffert,

Carlinville Good Samaritan Ministries Board of Directors (Carlinville Food Pantry)