Carl Zeidler to open new business at Camden’s Art and Wine

Carl Zeidler to open new business at Camden’s


Enquirer-Democrat Reporter

The community of Carlinville is always changing for the greater good. Wall Street Financial’s Carl Zeidler had this same vision when he recently purchased the Camden’s Art and Wine building located down the street from his office on the Carlinville Square.

Camden’s used to be a stand-out restaurant that got great reviews prior to going out of business. The permanent closing was a major loss for the community, but a brighter future lies ahead. According to Zeidler, a bigger and better door opened as the original one closed.

“The building is absolutely stunning and  beautiful. So, what we’re going to do is turn it into a special event center. We want people to be able to rent it from us for wedding receptions, retirement parties, baby showers or whatever they would like,” stated Zeidler.

In addition to its large upper relaxation lounge, Camden’s has tons of additional features located in the basement below, including six beer tappers and a very classy-styled bar. There are stars embedded into the stairs and colorful works of art hang from both the ceiling and the walls. Zeidler will open this section to rentals as well. One of his creative visions involves having a wedding in the square’s gazebo then being granted the privilege of walking across the street directly to the ‘after party’. Furthermore, visitors will be allowed to bring in their own liquor as long as they purchase the appropriate insurance to cover the necessary liabilities.

“You’d be able to save a lot of money on the alcohol, and then we have a bunch of caterers lined up for hiring as well as three bartenders one can call up and hire as well. So, we’re hoping that this will turn into something extraordinarily popular for special occassions,” said Zeidler.

Read the full story in the 4-4-19 edition of the Macoupin County Enquirer Democrat.

Carl Zeidler (right) and his son John Zeidler (left) have recently purchased the previously closed Camden’s Art and Wine located on the Carlinville Square. They hope to open for business on May 1. Enquirer-Democrat Photo by Jackson Wilson.