Campers voice remodeling confers to Lake Rec Committee

Campers voice remodeling confers to Lake Rec Committee

CARLINVILLE (March 22, 2018) – The Carlinville Lake Rec Committee heard from concerned campers at its Thursday night meeting about possible changes in the lake lease.

The main change being discussed involves the building of floating decks around the lots at the campsite.

Steve Bryant, a campground member for two years, was spokesman for the large contingency of folks who showed up for the meeting.

“We are concerned as a group that the city has targeted the campsite to do some changes, to have some of the decks taken down, based on stuff that we knew nothing about until recently,” Bryant said, adding safety is the number one priority when renovations are done to the lots.

Bryant told the board they only did what was required of them when they signed the lease. Each improvement was approved by the lake supervisor, Mark Boatman. “We showed him plans, specifications for any of the additions,” Bryant said.

Originally, he said the lots he has were habitable but no place for kids to hang out.

“Nothing is more important to any of us than our family – we don’t want anybody hurt,” Bryant said. “We have to make improvements to those sites to make us comfortable, also.”

He asked that the committee look at it from an open concept that the campers would never put the safety of others in danger with improvements made to the lots.

“That lake is your asset – it’s an asset for the city both from a land and a financial asset,” Bryant said. “But the city like all municipalities have huge problems right now. Why go look for more problems when we’re not trying to be a problem. We’re trying to be another asset for the city.”

Committee chairman Doug Downey said the issue has to do with  original intent of the lake lease.

“The reason this came up is the original intention of allowing floating decks out at the campground was a request from the campground people which we allowed,” Downey said. “We assumed that request was for the decks right beside an RV or a mobile home. The problem now is it’s gotten a little out of hand from the original intention. The original intention was it was suppose to be a floating deck right beside the RV. Now we have them being built behind, to the side.”

The proposed change to the lake lease would have been the same length as the RV and eight feet wide.

Following further discussion, councilman Beth Toon volunteered  her time to gather information from the campground group as to suggestions they would like to see made.

Bryant agreed to work with the lake rec committee  on the change in language for the lease involving floating decks.

While the floating decks which have been built are being allowed to stay as is, any further decks wanting to be built must come before the lake rec committee for approval.

Fellow camper Elaine Lee also addressed the committee, stating they want to work with the city to ensure proper safety procedures are in place, and also to perhaps partner with the city in building a pavilion at the campsite.

The campground members have a group with monthly meetings and fundraising efforts take place as well.

There are no real alternatives to go in the event of inclement weather, and a pavilion would provide that comfort.

In other business, the committee voted to approve the budget for the fiscal year, being sent on to the full council. Revenues are projected at $127,600 with expenses at $122,600 for a projected profit of $5,000.

The committee approved a motion to enact a lake fee past due fee of $10 per day for a maximum of 30 days.

Those who lease at the lake have a due date of Feb. 1 to pay their fees for the year. If after 30 days the fees are not paid, then the lease expires.

Currently there are three tenants who have not paid up to date at the lake.

The committee approved the purchase of an additional five fire rings at around $950, to be placed around the campgrounds.

A motion to purchase a air nail roofer was tabled for the time being.