CAH offers point-of-service payment

CAH offers point-of-service payment

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In recent years, hospitals across the country have introduced programs to provide easier payment methods for patients. One such program is called point-of-service payment, which allows patients to pay their portion of the bill at the time of service or immediately after services have been delivered. Carlinville Area Hospital will begin implementing point-of-service payment at the time of registration as well as during scheduling of certain tests.

According to Melissa Fernandez, “This is done primarily for three reasons: 1) providing patients information about their expected portion of the bill up front allows them to make informed decisions; 2) a significant portion of a hospital’s revenue is from insured patients’ co-payments, deductibles and non-covered procedures, as well as payments from patients without insurance; 3) by collecting payments at the point of service, hospital operating costs are kept down, since collecting after patients leave the facility can be both costly and time consuming. These savings are then reinvested to help operate the hospital, pay for new medical technology and maintain the facility — all of which benefit our patients and community.”

The hospital will use a new software program that will not only confirm active insurance coverage but also make it possible to estimate, with greater accuracy, what the patient will owe the hospital. To assist with the determination of the proper amount due at the point of service, patients are asked to bring their insurance cards, Social Security number and photo identification (such as a driver’s license). The registration clerk will use that information to confirm with the patient’s insurance provider what the co-payment and deductibles are for the service the patient is receiving.

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