CAH to add MRI suite

CAH to add MRI suite

Carlinville Area Hospital recently announced the upcoming addition of a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite and upgraded MRI technology.

The new MRI suite will offer the upgraded and advanced MAGENTOM Aera 1.5 T MRI system from Siemens Healthcare. The new suite, along with the advancement in technology, will allow patients to experience faster and more comfortable exams. CAH currently relies on a mobile MRI service parked outside the facility, adjacent to the Emergency Department entrance. The new unit will be installed inside the hospital, further helping to improve ease of access and patient comfort.

The addition of the 1,300 square foot MRI radiology suite will meet the demand for MRI exams and expand access to diagnostic imaging. The new unit will support a complete range of clinical applications, including neurology, orthopedics, body imaging, angiography and oncology. “Keeping our equipment current with modern technology is one of our primary goals in order to provide the highest quality diagnostics and treatment,” said CEO Ken Reid. “We are excited to bring this new level of care, comfort and privacy to the patients we serve.”

The new MRI system offers superb image quality that may be used for a wide range of medical needs, such as orthopedic and sports-related injuries, and can help physicians make quicker, more accurate diagnoses. The design of the new unit will help to alleviate concerns of claustrophobia, because many exams can be performed with the patient’s head outside of the wide bore.

Additional patient-friendly features include mood lighting on the system, which can help create a calming environment for patients in the examination room, and large windows that can help alleviate anxiety.

The hospital plans to break ground within the next several months, with tentative completion this summer.